Interview with Dajon DeRyke (March 19, 2009)

Teacher Extraordinaire, Dajon DeRyke is an instrument of light for assisting children to build a strong future for themselves and their families to be.

Yesterday, we met Dajon and couldn’t resist sharing his energizing and progressive way of working with children. He works for the largest school district in the state of Arizona with all schools achieving Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and holding the excelling label for the state. By utilizing the Essential Elements of Instruction (EEI), which are an anticipatory set, direct instruction, guided practice, independent practice, and closure, his students are achieving at a level far-above the national average.

You may want to investigate and find out more if you school system is stale/out-of-date and not standing up to what you believe it should.

Times are changing!!!

Call in and let’s find out how we can energize and bring an alternative spark to those in need.

Dajon with be with us live in the studio, if you have a question call (408) 260-2999 or (831) 255-2999.

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