Interview with Dick Sutphen (April 9, 2009)

Stepping onto the Cutting Edge of life with Dick. It looks like he’s the man for this job.

He’ll take you through the clouds where seeing to you is not available, you’ll emerge where the path has cleared and your mind along with it, and now he suggests that your new thoughts will be accepted on every level of your body and mind. As a result your life changes and you are able to brush aside old habits and let your new abilities shine.

Your life is free to open to brilliance!

Leading someone to invoke a new way of capability that they can actually experience is a miracle, and it looks like Dick Sutphen has it!

Get your questions ready and speak with Dick “LIVE” at the following #s: (408) 260-9714, (831) 255-2999 or (347) 633-9155. Help us dig into those areas you want to know about too.

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