Interview with Fred Wolf (February 11, 2010)

The Power of Positive Thought is more Powerful than you realize!
Believe it or not, the science behind quantum physics shows that there is a true connection between the physical world and your psyche. People who tap into this connection are tapping into their own “energy-by-design”… giving them the opportunity to acquire the future they desire and forever kiss fate goodbye!

The Science Behind Believing in Your Own Future …

Have you ever wondered how good things always seem to happen to some people? How is it that “good fortune” just seems to fall on some individuals? How is it that some people always have opportunity and prosperity, while others (perhaps yourself) are always struggling or wishing things were better?

The good news is … it’s not always chance and it doesn’t have to be fate. Learn about your own “energy-by-design” and how you can harness the power of positive thinking. Dr. Fred Alan Wolf will be shedding a light on how this is all possi

…  Dr. Fred Alan Wolf and world-renown Feng Shui Consultant and Chinese Astrologer Joe Yap are teaming up on stage to explain how Eastern ancient energy practices and Western science seem to parallel and intersect for your success. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to ask your questions of these experts.

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  1. If you really want to understand what the ‘energy within and around you’ is all about – Dr Wolf demystifies these energy forces from quantum physics, metaphysics and spiritual points of view. His practical and entertaining approach is refreshing and understandable to the everyday person/ non-scientist . The information not only answers my questions as the years speed by, but explains how, when and why I should continue to learn about and use my own ‘energy’ to achieve my goals, while maintaining my authentic self in the process.

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