Interview with Dr. Guy Doran (1/22/2009)

We are Wired to Heal …

I am convinced that culturally, we’re all healers. We have the power to shift our lives to a more vibrant sense of health and well-being. My background includes being a Chiropractor for over 25 years. My baseline practice is a particular type of Chiropractic called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). This method is very gentle and applies a light touch from the practitioner. Certainly, technical skill and education count, yet the philosophy of love and healing are really the foundation of Chiropractic. The practice is quite spiritual. Chiropractic is really about bringing the channels of light into the being through the spine and all the structural systems, then releasing the spine where there are blocks, so the person can connect with universal love.

I have seen the miraculous and powerful effect of this principal repeatedly over the years. I truly believe we are all wired to heal. Our bodies always default to healing and with the proper care can be in many cases restored to our natural state of vibrancy within a reasonably short time. A few of the many incredible stories of healing I have experienced include a young mother who had a disc and rib problem that was so severe she could barely work and found it nearly impossible to care for her children as her pain levels were so extreme. After the first adjustment, she could breast-feed and carry her child again.

I also treated a middle-aged woman could not speak English (everything had to be translated) with very high blood pressure. She was also in constant pain and found sleep difficult. She was on nine different prescription drugs and could not sleep without pain medication. Within 4 months of being under my care and prescribing for her all natural supplements to improve heart wellness, she no longer required her medications, her blood pressure came way down and her sleep is now pain-free. She is more active, has a bigger smile and more light in her eyes. She will return to her native country healthier than she has been in 15 years. Even though we came from opposite sides of this planet, the healing really needed no translation at all, for we are all connected in spirit and her changes to more vibrant health were felt and seen by us both.

One last example is of a man in high pressure corporate job for a large investment firm. He bordered on adrenal exhaustion. He experienced extreme fatigue, caught many colds and as a result became prone to bouts of depression. After a time of treatment with spinal adjustments, supplements of colloidal silver and a potent all natural all liquid nutritional supplement, he is stronger, catches fewer colds and now radiates a sense of well-being that is palpable. His spiritual practice also has deepened.

I have appreciated this opportunity to share my core beliefs and I look forward to any questions you may have. It is my wish to educate, facilitate and reclaim for all of us the path to wellness that is our birthright. It is my hope that the basic principles I have outlined here, and the additional information on my broadcast, will assist you in living a life of an increased sense of joy and ease.

-Dr. Guy Doran

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  1. Dear Guy Doran,

    Thank you for your inspirational talk.

    Guy Doran is a remarkable healer. I experienced his work in 1993 and he helped me understand my body and how with Network Chiropractic I could be rewired for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

    Thank you Guy for giving me new hope and my life back.

    I refer clients to him who are cannot move past the pain in their physical and emotional bodies. He has stood up to adversity way back then and is still going strong in 2009. My hats off to you Guy. A truly blessed man.
    Sheilah Blaxill, LMT

  2. Thanks for sharing this information about chiropractic. Great information and the more we share the better. People need to know about this stuff!

    Dr. Michael Horowitz
    Vancouver Chiropractor

  3. Hello Dr. Duran,’ I have been put together’ by you , when you were still in Palo Alto. I now live in North Carolina. I am diabetic and currently am fighting Candida. Its all over in my system. I have had fresh blood analysis to confirm it. I am on Threelac, but not on their diet, only am eating Veggies, salads, fish and some eggs. Also am vegetarien. The treatment is working but my liver is overwhelmed. I just did a liver flush with apples and olive oil (one day). We noticed too some Chorints in the blood, but I do not know of any infection.
    When I was seeing you, you prescibed some liver drops for me, 30 drops under the tungue. I do not remember the name of it. May be you can e-mail me if it still exists. I realy would appreciate it. I miss those treatments out here went to Acupuncture instead. There were several so called Network Chiropractic places, but they did it by the book.
    My e-mail is:
    105 Hudson Hills Rd. Pittsboro, NC 27312
    Thank youand bless you.
    Ingeborg Keese-Farkas

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