Interview with Eliot Cowan (January 21st, 2010)

Has a plant deva or spirit ever touched your body during the day or even while you are sleeping? Plant spirits and healing traditions are one of our much loved subjects with us. And, we are so excited and honored today to interview with Eliot Cowan who will share his experiences with us along these awesome paths.

Eliot Cowan is the author of Plant Spirit Medicine, and a shaman in the Huichol tradition. He is the founder of the Plant Spirit Medicine Seminary and the Blue Deer Center. As a provider at the Blue Deer Center, Eliot offers Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner training courses, continuing education for PSM practitioners, healing camps based on traditional Huichol healing, and animal totem courses.

Eliot began studying and practicing herbalism in 1969, then temporarily set it aside to study acupuncture. He received his Licentiate, Bachelor and Master of Acupuncture degrees from the late J. R. Worsley at the College of Traditional Acupuncture, Leamington Spa, England, and served on the faculty of that institution in 1979-1980.

We would like to give credit to the wonderful photo of Eliot on our website, which was given to us by Kate Baldwin Photography who has an uncanny ability to bring warmth, intelligence and depth to every project.

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