Interview with Dr. Eric Pearl (September 30, 2010)

Dr. Eric Pearl was a chiropractor with a thriving practice when his life began to change. A series of events led to his patients “feeling” other people in the room as they laid there with their eyes closed letting their adjustment set in. He began to heal people without even touching them including healing people with CHRONIC LONG Term health problems including disfigurement. It also led to patients channeling the same 6 messages to him… the first of which was “We are here to tell you to continue what you are doing.” His work is called “The Reconnection” and his story is truly amazing. For those skeptics, he is also backed by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer and is known worldwide. His “Reconnection Work” has been tested thoroughly by prominent people such as Dr. Gary Schwartz of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona. After a few years Dr. Pearl figured out how to pass on this gift of healing to others and continues to create “Reconnective Healing Practitioners” worldwide. The book is mind-blowing and his story very easy to read as he takes you through his journey of trying to figure out WHY and HOW these events were happening.

The basis of The Reconnection is reconnecting the meridian lines (sometimes called the acupuncture lines) on your body to the same pattern as the Universe. There are thousands of practitioners and even people that have practiced energy healing for years that say this healing is like no other. Reiki practitioners after going through The Reconnection have often given up Reiki because this has even greater potential for healing. This has also been called a healing that has come at this time due to the vast SHIFT the world is currently undergoing.

We can’t wait to talk to Dr. Eric Pearl!

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