Interview with Gary Sinclair (December 16, 2010)

A Christmas GIFT for today, or while the link lasts!

Gary Sinclair does NOT believe in miracles. He expects them! That is why the book is FREE for a limited time only. Gary Sinclair first became interested in Mind / Body / Spirit work after recovering in a year and a half from about 80% mobility loss from 14 years of Multiple Sclerosis. He had also slowly gone down to 1/3 lung capacity from birth defects and other complications. Six months after healing from MS he miraculously received full lung capacity in fifteen minutes. He then went on to become a National Amateur Senior Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skating Champion for the USA and much more. There are even more miracles!

Today with a double Lifetime Achievement Award, Gary wants to share with you the lessons that have helped thousands heal. From AIDS to Cancer, the message he will share will cause all to understand why healing in possible and why Doctors report not even finding markers of the former disease in their patients blood work.

While you’re at the site, enjoy hearing Gary speak at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. You will understand why Dr. Bruce Lipton declared to Gary, “You are the future of medicine.” over twenty years ago.

Now would be the best time to download the FREE book? Then you will understand why YOU have a Divine Appointment with Gary on the Tazz and Paula Show. This show will “Love you to Life” while teaching you the power that comes in being Love Living rather than Love Seeking.

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