Interview with George Tsukuda (08/21/2008)

In speaking with George recently, he stated that he became interested in reversing some aspects of the aging process about a year ago.

Isn’t it interesting we are more energetic about reversing the aging process as we see it creeping up on us!

He and a friend of his, both of whom are in their mid-sixties became fascinated with the possibility of being wrinkle free. They’ve both read about different formulations that people had developed, which made claims about helping people of any age reduce and or eliminate their wrinkles and or age spots. And of course, George takes it a step further, which we’ll talk about on the show!

George definitely has that “nose for news” and turns on the brain synapses inviting people to experience with him real changes that one can experience for themselves. He simply states that it is doable for the average person to reverse the aging process.

Why would I not love his idea … I’m in my mid-60’s too!

Is he is in right mind? Or, is he leading us on a wild goose chase, much like Ponce de Leon did centuries ago? As legend goes, Ponce was apparently searching for some special waters to cure his impotence. Perhaps he believed that by being able to restore his youth he would have his potency back.

Some scientists are now saying that through scientific and technological breakthroughs they can help humans to live up to age 150. However, even if we could live up to age 150, how would we look, like shriveled prunes? Also, how would our bodies be functioning? Would we be arthritic or would it be possible for our bodies to have the flexibility and fluidity that it did when we were young? Is it possible to have the best of both worlds, i.e. virtual immortality and eternal youth?

Paula and I can hardly wait to share this one with you. Will it work for anyone? Yes, from all indications it will.

You can blog with George before of after the show. He would just love to have your questions.

~ Tazz

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