Interview with Gilbert Renaud (11/29/2008)

It was an interesting evening this past Friday eve, Sept. 29 around 6:30, just before the beginning of the introductory talk on Total Biology. An enormous crane (no, not the bird…!) at 3rd Ave. between 13-14th Sts. somehow faltered and sent something crashing down onto a cab below. Some form of ‘state of emergency’ was immediately called and a 4 square-block area around the crane was cordoned off by firemen and police, disrupting car and pedestrian traffic something rather fiercely. Anyone who hadn’t gotten there earlier was barred from getting any closer to their destination, that is, if it were within that cordoned off area, including, by the way, our lecture…we had to get out of the cab, “shlepping” our supplies and all for the weekend of DVD’s, Registration sheets, Amazon Chocolates and all, in order to actually get closer to the desired destination. Finally, a half-hour later, the police barricades gave way a little bit and we were able to enter where we were going.

When we intend and make efforts to expand our own consciousness, when we challenge the reptilian brain’s hold, crashing cranes may appear on the horizon as well as all the King’s men, but nothing holds back those who want the understanding! And indeed, all 100 or so present, received an initial dose of the medicine of Total Biology that evokes the subconscious for seeing and integration.

Those who attended Friday evening did get a taste of the sensibility and intelligence of the approach of Total Biology brought forth by Van Couver-based Gilbert Renaud. How do we get ill? What is it that really caused it? What then resolves the illness? What is the effect of early childhood, being in utero, or going back ancestrally? Well, these are the questions—and answers—that are addressed through Total Biology.  The impact of how it works seemed to affect all those present.

Sat. and Sun. however, reaches in to another depth. We looked at the way psychological conflicts of the parents emerge as a biological program for the offspring, which may or may not be triggered, depending on the management of stress in the life of the offspring. Subtleties of the communications of conflict generationally is articulated through the 50 years of clinical practice of the French psychotherapist, Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger, in her articulation of The Magic Square. This discovery shows a mathematical relationship between placement of siblings in a family as it relates through to other sibling placement through the generations.

Those who attended the workshop, the feedback I’ve received, continue, days later, to process the information and reflect on their own lives and the influences upon them, old, older and new. What gets revealed, what comes to light through the process of learning this newly-arranged form of psycho-biology, is very personal, yet we’re developing some since of objectivity toward our deeply subjective feelings, patterns and experiences. To integrate this information is to become a more evolved and mature individual. The resolution of conflicts reverberates then horizontally and vertically, neutralizing the karma of generations, and keeping old patterns from being passed on for generations more. This is the inner work and purpose of Total Biology. Not to mention, greater clarity and potential for happiness.

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