Interview with Jackie Lapin (11/13/2008)

What an extraordinary year this has been! On the one hand, we’ve experienced widespread economic strife, on the other we’ve elected a president who is a brilliant light and believes in the personal power of self-creation.

Our financial set back is a direct result of conscious and unconscious decisions that our society made as a collective whole and it has now come home to roost.  Our election of Barack Obama is a result of people’s belief that their must be a better way, and they have consciously chosen a leader mandating significant change.

As we embark on 2009, we have a chance to plant the seeds for our individual and our collective future. This is the perfect time to choose what we desire to Consciously Create for the coming year. In Biblical parlance, this is time the plant, so that we may sow and reap the crops that will sustain and nurture us. Now is the time to get serious about what you want to experience in the coming year.

Conscious Creation is our New Year’s gift from the Universe, the right and opportunity to marshal our powerful creative energy to focus on creating new realities from probabilities. Quantum physics is illuminating our ability to impact everything around us thanks to the energy we emit from our thoughts and our emotions. Applying that energy to specific outcomes we desire enables us to have a significant say in our future.

Most importantly, we must do so from a high frequency state (while emitting love, gratitude, compassion, patience, faith, etc.) in order to be an effective manifestor. Operating from a place of fear, anger or guilt creates unwelcome and unintentional outcomes.

So rev up your frequency and start selecting the future you want for 2009. Sit down with a pen or go to your computer, and start to craft what will fill the coming year for you. Let’s plant the seeds!

  • Who will you love this year and who will love you? Describe this person and his/her qualities.
  • How will that relationship manifest? What kind of communication will you experience with your partner?
  • What will you do for a living and how will that feed your passion?
  • Who will you work alongside and what kind of people will be your coworkers?
  • How much money will be in your bank account and what will that afford you to do?
  • What will bring you joy in 2009?
  • Will you travel? Will you visit people dear to your heart? Will you see exotic places? Indulge in adventure?
  • What will you do with your leisure time?
  • How would you help others and what special interests would you support?
  • Would you share your knowledge with others, and if so, how would you do that?
  • What do you want more of in your life?
  • How would your health be different and what do you have to do to achieve that?
  • What attitudes would you adjust to be a more positive, happier and productive person?
  • What new outcome would you like to experience in 2009? What constitutes greater success to you?
  • What positive new habits do you desire to practice?
  • What kind of supporters and new friends would you like to have?
  • What other changes would you like to see in yourself?
  • How would you family relationships be more pleasing?
  • How would you enhance your relationship to The Universe?

Don’t leave it to “fate” or your unconscious mind to manifest your 2009. The Universe can only bring what it perceives with clarity, so be clear about what it is you want for the coming year. This doesn’t mind that everything will turn out exactly as you want, only that you are “stacking the odds” in your favor. So plant those seeds now, nurture them along the way, and then reap a fulfilling, prosperous, healthy, loving and happy 2009.

May you Consciously Create Everything You Desire and Yearn For in 2009!

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