Interview with Jerry E. Smith (July 2, 2009)

Jerry E. Smith is an “overnight sensation” that has been more than three decades in the making — with three mass market non-fiction books under his belt and over 300 radio and television appearances and successful speaking engagements from Brisbane to The Bahamas. His career as a writer, researcher, activist, editor and lecturer began with the first professional sale of his writing back in 1969.

Jerry states, “The common thread through all my writing is that I write about those whom I call “control freaks.” You take any 100 randomly selected people and put them into a room. A handful will instinctively “rise” to be the leaders — some people feel compelled to rule. Another handful of the people in that room will just as instinctively want nothing to do with these self-proclaimed rulers (I’m afraid I’m one of them). The rest of the folks in the room will go along to get along, believing that someone has to rule and they don’t want it to be themselves. Jerry has dedicated his life to educating the general public to think for themselves and to question the “control freaks.”

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