Interview with Jesse Dylan (March 26, 2009)

How does one discover how to unlock their deepest health potential?

Jesse Dylan an award-winning host of The Good Life show, now moving to CBS as an internationally syndicated radio program featuring the latest taking charge of your health. He is the author of “The Good Life”, and in his book there is a sweeping, scientifically accurate roadmap written by internationally renowned experts who have gathered—for the first time—to share their vision and wisdom.

Here is the line up … Dr. Bernie Siegel Dr. Michael Roizen, Dr. Robert Moss, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Bob Proctor, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Pamela Peeke and many more.

A healthy and strong body, a flexible and positive mind, and a profoundly joyful spirit are key elements of health that directly affect one another. Caring for ourselves holistically—deepening and expanding our understanding of ourselves—creates a ripple effect extending past our own enrichment, healing our families, our loved ones, our communities, and beyond.

We really look forward to being with Jesse this Thursday. His soul really leaps to support others in their journey.

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