Interview with Jim Berkland (02/26/09)

Lucky for us, he’s our top geologist with an earth thermometer! His impressive tracking allows us to have the latest updates regarding earthquake activity and what he foresees taking place over the next moves of the earth during the upcoming spring equinox.

Do our pets know when an earthquake is coming? Jim Berkland says, “Yes, pets do know when an earthquake is about to happen.” So if your loving animal has up and gone for an extra long walk and you cannot find them for days … be sure to check the lost and found columns; your pet might have a whole different take on why it took off. Jim says, “He checks the lost and found columns for pets constantly and when he observes a large increase of pets missing, it certainly brings up a warning signal to him, as this is just one of the ways he predicts an earthquake.” On Thursday, Jim will share with us other methods he refers to as “windows of opportunity” for earthquakes.

Be sure to call in and share your thoughts on this matter as well … Jim is always looking for new techniques to add to his box of tricks.

~ Tazz and Paula

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