Interview with Joseph Martin (June 25, 2009)

He’s on top of it … fast,  accurate, compassionate and his Heart leads! Be sure to be with us on Thursday when psychic Joseph Ernest Martin has the most amazing tools and gifts to share with us.

Let’s start here …

What does the Obama election mean? What do the cards say about our future in America and on the planet? Why are so many having “new” psychic experiences and dreams? These questions have true and profound impact on all of us right now. Listen to this interview as we ask these and other tough questions about our future.

Martin experienced psychic energy as a child. His grandmother was psychic and often performed healing to help others. Always interested in the psychic realm Martin read extensively as a child in the fields of science and metaphysics. His own abilities leaped forward after roadway experience that could have left him for dead. After which, he started seeing Aura, Spirits, Entities and energies. Feeling compelled to share his gifts with the world, Joseph started with the Tarot and eventually created his own Tarot Deck. Now he reads for celebrities as well as those he meets at the many different cities he goes to each year. His psychic abilities come through imagery, physical sensation, auditory cues, and movies that his guides play for him in his head. His unique perspective separates Joseph from the pack because of his ability to incorporate real science with the world of the ethereal.

Psychic Joseph Ernest Martin is the author and artist for “The Quest Tarot” winner of the Best New Age Product of the Year; and Joseph is the recipient of the Visionary Award of Excellence. His Book: The Compass, and deck is now in three countries in three languages. He travels to over 34 cities a year talking about the Paranormal and reading for clients. He is a featured speaker at the Bay Area Tarot Symposium, the Los Angeles Tarot Symposium, and the huge New Living Expo as well as many others.

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