Interview with Joyce Anne Pierce (09/18/2008)

JoyceAnne has a technique with her voice that through osmosis conveys to you
a knowing that you are capable of far greater ways than you really believe
possible for yourself. This is terrific especially when you are in a hesitation
mode. She helps you to think about the process you would like to take place, and
bingo you start laying out the path to walk. I know this for a fact, because she
helped me walk through the process, viewing what it would look like before and
after I wrote my book; my book was written and published – it took two years,
but it was completed.

Paula and I have known JoyceAnne a long time; I believe it was in the early
90’s. She was doing NLP and Hypnotherapy then, and she is still doing it now.
Talk about having a passion!

She also has these incredible workshops … and everyone comes together to
ignite ideas you would have never thought of implementing, and they work to
speed up your end result.

We’ll find out WHY she began her unique kind of work. We’ll have her
describe her specialties in these fields; hypnotherapy in inner childwork, past
life work, goal setting and more. Workshop and Classes. She’ll even prepare a
special CD just for you!

JoyceAnne is always on the cutting edge! Paula and I both love to have her in
our corner when we are brainstorming.

~ Tazz

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