Judith Diana Winston – Visionary + (November 15, 2012)

Judith Diana Winston is a visionary, photo artist, writer and life mentor.

Originally from the Midwest, she moved to San Francisco where she worked in

the film industry, as an actress and script supervisor and a fashion photographer.

She is the author of the underground classic book, “Meditative Magic-The

Pleiadean Glyths,” an inspired collection of consciousness-altering symbols.

Over thirty years ago, she began a love affair with yoga and its philosophy- a

passion that continues to this day.

In the 1980’s  Judith Diana moved from  San Francisco to Los Angeles , thinking

to expand her burgeoning career as a fashion photographer. However, life seemed

to have other plans for her. Through a series of unexpected events she soon found

herself  in Egypt studying with a well-known author, teacher and trance medium.

A year and half later she returned to Egypt as his staff  photographer.

Following that fateful second journey a story began tugging on her sleeve-

a story begging to be told. In fact the heart of what was to become “The

Keeper of the Diary” came roaring through her in four flurry-filled days of

typing while staying at a friend’s bed and breakfast in Northern California.

We will be talking to her about her new book and her  spiritual  journey up to this point in her life.



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