Interview with Lee Carroll (09/11/2008)

A little story behind the scenes: In 1995 one evening my livingroom was bustling with a weekly meditation group that had been gathering for over a couple of years, and one woman stood up and began to share where she had gone the weekend before. Susie was illuminated like we have never seen her before and began telling us about a man named Lee Carroll who channelled Kyron and brought messages of real truth. Through Susie you could see Kryon had brought a new hope of a world she wanted to experience. From then on out whenever she would come over … she would become elated and begin telling about what she had heard.

Well on Thursday, September llth at 11:00 a.m., I will have Susie in the KKUP studio with me asking questions right along with Paula and I and guess who our guest is: Lee Carroll!

I’ve never personally met or heard Lee Carroll speak except on CD; however, I have listen to his special messages, awesome CDs from the website … but Thursday it’ll be different. I have Susie in the studio with me … and I know she can’t sit still when Lee Carroll is around. The Kryon’s messages touched her so deeply.

Presently I have THE JOURNEY HOME … a Kryon Parable; The Story of Michael Thomas and the Seven Angels CDs, and I can hardly wait to get started on it. Susie has beat me to the punch!

On September 20th & 21st I will be attending Lee Carroll’s special event in Mt Shasta with Susie. I’ll return home with some live video of Lee and his wife Patti and who knows what I will be sharing with you all.

~ Tazz

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