Interview with Lilo Selven (April 30, 2009)

Our friend Lilo Ccoyllor Selven is going to be in our studio this Thursday all the way from Peru. You can imagine our excitement … so we quickly grabbed her for an interview while she’s here in the states. We originally met Lilo when she lived here in Saratoga, California.

Over ten years ago Lilo went to Peru just for a vacation, and her life was never the same again. Peru had touched her heart like nothing had ever done before. She literally came home, sold everything and moved to Peru.

Just how many people do you know that follow their heart like this? She will be sharing all of this and more with us and our listeners.

Lilo has created “Casa De La Serenidad,” a retreat where she takes groups on shamanic journeys. This retreat is in Santa Maria, a small town right outside of Cusco, which is very close to Macho Picchu … as you can imagine this has not been an easy task. It is very hard to design and have something in a 3rd world country, especially when you are a woman.

Lilo is a devoted shaman and visionary with a diverse cultural and educational background. Her expertise in transformational healing and higher consciousness work is a unique blend of Peruvian and Native American Shamanism, Ceremonies, Rituals, Regression and Inner Child work, as well as Intuitive Counseling.

Come join with us on this special journey of life!

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  1. I had meet Lilo, 25 years ago preciselly in Saratoga, Ca., as a very beautiful model by career and personal friend for several years, a natural easy to talk and loveing girl. But also very mistical.
    I am amazed of all she has been acomplishing, she went to a country not knowing their language, which now she speaks fluently, and is my own language; spanish
    I would love to go and visit her – sanctuary – by Machu Pichu, and congratulate her personally with all my heart, and enjoy shareing spanish maybe with a touch of a suiz accent. knowing how strong of a woman and hard worker she is, she must have a very pleasurable and mainly great knowledge to offer to people who want to grow and be better to the world.
    I am sure I would have the experience of my life and internally grouth. I wish her the best, peace and enjoyment of living . Anita (Rodriguez) from Guadalajara.

  2. I also want to aknowledge my other wonderful girlfriend, Marylin Hasler and her husband Al, who were so close to Lilo for many years, supporting with their friendship and closeness on her projects.

  3. Anita,

    Is this you? this is your stepson Richard. I’ve been trying to find you! How are you?

    Richard Rodriguez

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