Interview with Lynn Pierson (February 4, 2010)

While Lynn was growing up her family relocated ten times and Lynn went to fourteen different schools.

The experience that most impacted Lynn was the four years spent–beginning at the age of nine on the Caribbean Island of Grenada. Her life was totally immersed in a world framed with crystalline seas and malevolent appearing jungles.

On the island, she basked in the inhabitant’s simple joy of life despite the majority being in poverty. Many lived in one-room board shacks that lacked even running water. It was from the Grenadians that she learned a depth of faith she’d never before imagined, a connection with one’s maker born of naiveté and a daily symbiosis with nature. Here, an overwhelming curiosity drove Lynn to spy upon the Grenadian culture and witness secretive back-jungle voodoo practices. This underground current drove the dancing and superstition that imbued the local’s celebrations with a certain frenzy. It was on this island she learned to face down six-foot iguanas, shake the poisonous centipedes from her clothes prior to dressing and to carefully breaststroke through shallow waters above fire coral infested reefs. It was in her family’s hundred-year-old home, La Chapelle, a stone building with peaked ceilings and three-foot-thick walls, where she finally encountered the structure’s specter: a priest and former resident who had died there in a tragic accident many decades ago. This experience forever cemented her knowing that life continues on after death.

During her fourth year in Grenada, Lynn’s father broke out in scaly brown patches: skin cancer. His resulting rapid loss of weight drove the family’s return to America for a short stay in Clearwater, Florida and then on to Burlington, North Carolina.

When she returned to the United States, Lynn was thirteen and had acquired enough credits to attend her first year of college. Grenada’s British schooling system had allowed Lynn to progress at her own speed, which to Lynn meant an opportunity to get studies behind her quickly as possible. American school officials not knowing what to do with a girl who looked little more than eleven, finally allowed Lynn to skip a grade to the ninth.

Lynn and her teenage sisters attended Walter Williams High School. Lynn went on to major in Writing and Editing at North Carolina State University. Afterward she married and had two beautiful daughters. Her career involved the study and promotion of emerging technologies and the authoring of business publications from software demonstration and training manuals to case studies. An award-winning sales management career followed and many presentations to Fortune 500 executives throughout a work life, interspersed with rapid promotions then layoffs and down sizings often typical of today’s technology companies, Lynn leveraged the fortitude and higher connection realized during her youth and learned to rely ever more upon her intuition or “voice from within.” Her morning escapes into writing and two decades of delving into the emerging intersections between
science and spirituality resulted in articles which organizations such as “The Voice for Love,” and Shirley Cheng have published.

Lynn’s accumulated experiences resulted in her book The Great Awakening – a spiritual thriller series the press has likened to “The Da Vinci Code meets A Course in Miracles.” The official publish date for the first volume is March 29, 2010. Excerpts can be viewed at:

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