Interview with Mahala Gayle (December 30, 2010)

Captivated by Mahala’s eloquent writing we could not let her get by without an interview. Mahala Gayle is an Astrologer, writer, lecturer, minister, one of the founders of the Asklepius Light Center, the editor of the Asklepius Light Center Newsletter since 1988 and writer/editor of Planet Alert articles. Planet Alert articles have appeared in many publications over the years.

She’ll be bringing an in depth look at astrology and what’s on the horizon for the New Year.

Mahala has for years compared Revelations and astrology and how everything aligns… and she says, they are ‘right-in-step’ with each other in all that she has observed. This is exciting! Thank you, Mahala for keeping us informed as we all walk our spiritual journey.

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  1. Hi Tazz and Paula,

    Writing from “The Deep Freezer” of Denmark I just listened to your radio show for the first time, the broadcast with Mahala this morning – which is evening here, of course. Thanks a lot for that! I would like to register and also encourage you first thing to please send more talk shows with Mahala if possible, to spread the insights and blessings she is possessed of to as many people as possible, far and near, especially since she is now unable to reach each and everyone individually, as she explained, because of her schedule. I would like to explain that since 2001 I have been receiving Mahala’s Planet Alert predictions, and in spite of the fact I am not really an astrologer myself, I have much appreciated her insights and also the energy of love that always seems to emanate from her work. More than anything, it is this love energy I have benefited from the most, without setting aside the value of her predictions, of course. Such as the ones I received for this month of December that made it somewhat easier to pass through the challenges that manifested. But apart form this, Mahala also has so many other insights about the planet we share as our home, and as I feel myself as a part of a growing family that is deeply inclined to protect and care our earth as our child, mother, divinity, don’t you feel like me that Mahala may have a contribution to make in sharing her knowledge on these issues, too, the development of our planetary mind or consciousness? Perhaps it is wrong of me to suggest this to you before I have put forward my proposition to Mahala herself, as I have thought about for long, but now that the door of opportunity presents itself open, I am taking the opportunity to share my thought with you. May the inspiration that flows with them at least lead to something beneficial. Best wishes and thanks greatly for your work! Solveig Nielsen, Denmark

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