Interview with Marisa Russo (May 19, 2011)

Combining science, logic and intuition Marisa reads the body to investigate the cause and circumstances around any condition. Marisa uses new and advanced holistic healing methods, including kinesiology to help you to release that accumulation of your past stresses, negative energies, toxins, traumas or shock.

Some of the main causes identified with Forensic Healing can be traced back to childhood or even past lives (optional) where negative energies caught up in DNA have been the catalyst for your life not flowing as it should. Some of the other causes include toxicity, physical and emotional traumas and negative environmental factors. Identifying the cause of your condition is just the beginning.

Removing layers of cause, negative energies and attachments, changes the energetic attraction of negative experiences to one of well-being and healing. You can then invite abundance, health and freedom into your life.

Marisa lives in Australia.  On Oprah’s latest trip to Australia Marisa accidentally ran into Oprah at Uluru. Was this really an accident???  We will be sure to ask Marisa about the sacred energies of Uluru.

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