Interview with Mark Romero (March 31, 2011)

Music is in Mark’s Soul… and when you hear it, you’ll know! He masterfully infuses his own life experiences, sound healing and humor to create an entertaining yet inspiring transformational experience. We could hardly contain ourselves after hearing his music, as it is so uplifting.

He says, “Open and Accelerate Your Divine Potential!”
Within each and every one of us is a tremendous power to create a successful, joyful and fulfilling life. This program is a must for people who are ready to accelerate their personal and spiritual growth and take their life to the next level of extraordinary.

During the last half of the program … Mark will create a special music mantra for each listener that calls in–just tell him what’s important for you. Call in at: 347-633-9155.
Then sit back and listen. You’ll experience instant transformation as Mark performs a specific music mantra ‘Just for You’ … feel the opening to your divine potential as it accelerates you forward¬† toward your dreams and goals. Even those listening on the outside with feel a shift as well.
ALL Partiicpants will leave with a higher sense of awareness about themselves and begin to see the world from a completely different perspective.

Special Offer from Mark Romero to the Tazz and Paula Show listeners:



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