Interview with Meir Schneider (April 16, 2009)

He is the Master with the Magic Touch! Any time you are in the presence of Meir Schneider you know you will learn what you need to learn; his knows how to reach you with the right communication.

Fortunately we both have had the opportunity to spend time with Meir and experience his workshops and personal training; it is a gift to yourself you should not miss. Meir teaches you to support your body so that it can return to a balanced state with gentle movements, breathe work, self-message, visualization and even vision improvement can be yours with exercises that bring back memory to your cells and body.

Meir says that he himself is always learning new techniques himself that just arrives at the appropriate moment when it is needed.

Be sure to call in and talk with Meir “LIVE” and ask those questions that pertain to you at: 347-633-9155.

~ Paula and Tazz

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  1. Dear Taz and Paula,

    I’ve been listening to some of your interviews and was thinking that I might be an interesting guest for your show. Please check out my website and read the excerpt from my book, Hands of Life. It describes my work as a healer in the operating room.

    Julie Motz, MPH
    415 256-2528

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