Readings with Tazz Powers (02/12/2009)

It’s SHOW TIME and the Tazz and Paula Listeners have the Spot-Light! … this Thursday, February 12th Tazz and Paula will be doing readings together for a Valentine’s Day Special just for YOU!

Remember, if you are outside of the South Bay San Francisco area or call (347) 633-9155


If you are in the the Santa Cruz Monterey Bay area call (408) 260-2999 or (831) 255-2999.

The exciting NEWS here … is that if by chance, you are unable to call-in and have some time with them “LIVE” on air …. they have just created their own website where you can “receive” or “give” a reading as a GIFT to Yourself, your Friends and/or Family members.

The Valentine’s Day Special will be available until the end of February with a deep discount on the “Yearly Destiny Card Personal Reading” and the “Love Card Relationship Reading.”

Tazz and Paula have been doing readings for years “on air” together whenever there is a guest who has had an emergency and is unable to be with them. Well today is YOUR SPECIAL TIME … so be sure to call in.
Tazz personally is truly captivated and energized with life! Providing readings is a service she just loves. The elation for her is that “everyone” has such awesome gifts to share with the world … so giving clarity to those in need becomes the client’s apex to igniting themselves in their passion, this then gives them the ability to share their gifts with others.

In 1990 after a near death experience, Tazz founded an exceptional system for reading, coupling Numerology and Astrology, which she calls the “Weave of Truth” and when piggy backed with the Destiny Cards brings a check-up capability for double confirmations that has become a potent process for mind, body and soul advancement for her clients. This combo system for Tazz has heightened her own intuition and psychic abilities with Spirit and her higher-self; it truly is a grand and humbling combination that captures stability and wisdom needed for making choices. These techniques have helped hundreds in management, vocational guidance, empowering couples, parent-child development, and sales.

Tazz’s passion began in Maui studying Personology (the Science-of-People) with Dr. Robert Whiteside in 1987 in Pukalani, Hawaii; she lived in a hostel (near Hana) and slept in a tent on an air-mattress for four months to complete her studies. Arriving home in May 1987 she organized and compiled all the data to begin teaching Personology classes and in September of 1987 she meet with the “People and Progress” television programming associates on Heritage Cable Television, Channel 2-B in San Jose, California which launched her into being a Program Director, Associate Producer and Marketing Public Relations Director where she successfully hosted her first television show entitled “Your Face, The Road Map to Success.”

In 1987-1990, she produced programming around the entire South Bay San Francisco area cable and radio stations hosting her very own television program called … Power Profile! Tazz simply shared people’s passions and knowledge and the listeners loved it.

She co-authored her first book “Catch Me! Catch Me!” (a relationship book) in 1990, capturing one’s personality through his or her physical structure, which is called Personology. In fact, this is how she landed her first television program by sharing her gift with the producers and their group of friends, and from there she continued her venue lecturing, teaching and consulting along with media to transmit her knowledge, setting individual’s on fire with their passions.

In 1996, she became a Co-Host Producer with Paula Nunes on a “live” one-hour community radio program called “Embracing Mother Earth” on 91.5 FM KKUP in Cupertino, California and the show still continues with a passion. Their programs unveil the mysteries that have been hidden for eons and bring forth the joy of the gifts of many … blossoming a new vision of hope for Mother Earth.
In July of 2002, they continued their passion of “live” dual-hosting and produced a second radio program to their agenda. It was called “Sacred Sights” on 1080 AM KSCO in Santa Cruz, California. Their program was aimed at uplifting consciousness. The listeners called in and shared their views freely with guests, who captivated the listeners with views not necessarily in the news.

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