Interview with Paula Coppel (08/14/2008)

There was just a few questions raised as faculty, ministers, employees, and
students at the pioneering Unity School of Christianity in Unity Village, Mo.,
debated the hugely successful pop phenomenon, the movie and book “The Secret.”
“It was quite the controversy in our movement,” recalled Paula Godwin Coppel,
vice president of Communications at Unity and editor of the new book,
“Sacred Secrets”.

“On the one hand,” she said, “many Unity followers thought “The Secret” was
one of the best things to happen to Unity in a long time, because it promoted
a principle-the Law of Attraction-that is encompassed in one of Unity’s basic
teachings, the Law of Attraction. The law is often summarized as “thoughts
held in mind produce after their kind,” and reinforces the principle that we
shape our reality with our thoughts.

“On the other hand,” Paula said, “others in the movement thought “The Secret”
only skirted the deeper spiritual truths and that it was overly simplistic
and materialistic. Some people thought it made the Law of Attraction seem like magic and completely left out the spiritual dimension.”

“For example,” she said, “if the process of manifestation is solely in our hands where is God?” In Unity, we teach that individuals co-create their lives with God. Our egos don’t necessarily know what’s best for us, and there is a higher good and a higher order at work in the universe. Our job is to align
ourselves with the Divine flow so we can-as the book subtitle says-discover lasting joy, peace and prosperity.”

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