Readings with Paula Nunes (02/12/2009)

This week we are doing readings live on the air for Valentine’s Day. Call in for your reading!

Remember, if you are outside of the South Bay San Francisco area or call (347) 633-9155


If you are in the the Santa Cruz Monterey Bay area call (408) 260-2999 or (831) 255-2999.

The exciting NEWS here … is that if by chance, you are unable to call-in and have some time with them “LIVE” on air …. they have just created their own website where you can “receive” or “give” a reading as a GIFT to Yourself, your Friends and/or Family members. The Valentine’s Day Special will be available until the end of February with a deep discount on the “Yearly Destiny Card Personal Reading” and the “Love Card Relationship Reading.

In touch with Nature and Spirit! …

When Paula was a little girl, she had an imaginary friend to whom she talked with all the time. Her parents even pretended to talk to her too. And, when she became older her horse took the place of her imaginary friend. Paula lived out in the country and when riding daily, she felt at one with nature while with her horse. During this time, Paula had a close friend who went out on her property to search for Indian artifacts … she was so amazed how he just knew where to look. When she asked him how he did it … he said, “Just listen.” It clicked, she knew what he meant … just Listen to that voice, she could always hear. So when he started doing that, she too, was able to find Indian arrow heads, among other things.

She also spoke about her father who was very well-known for his accuracy as a well witcher–he could always find water. He’d take a switch from a tree and use it for a dowsing instrument. When asked how the dowsing could tell him how deep to drill for a well, he just winked and said the dowsing switch helps, but the little voice within tells me how deep to drill. So again, she was reminded to listen to that little voice, which later she began to call Spirit.

While still a manager in the coporate world, Paula starting doing readings for family, friends and co-workers in the early 80’s by receiving messages from automatic typing on her computer. In 1986 she took a workshop in Sedona, Arizona taught by Orpheus, who channeled Arch Angel Michael. Actually, Orpheus allowed Michael in, to teach the workshop, and during the workshop Michael told Paula to start letting the messages come through her voice, which she did after returning home from Sedona.

In 1990 Paula was offered early retirement and knew this was an opportunity for her to be able to work with spirit. She did readings professionally for almost a year and in 1991 opened up a metaphyiscal book store in Cupertino, California and continued to do readings in her own store.
She sponsored and planned events that brought in big names to the community, i.e. Gregg Braden, Stuart Wilde, Mickey Hart, Orpheus. In addition to these events, she implemented the combo format of live radio and television interviews with authors from her store; in this way Paula met Tazz. Tazz produced the shows.

After five years of ownership, the shopping center where her store was located sold and had new owners. She was forced to make the decision to relocate or close the store. She chose the later. The motto is “When one door closes another will open.”

The next couple of years, Paula traveled nationally and internationally doing her readings and teaching classes. Then Tazz and Paula reunited, this time producing and hosting a local radio show “Embracing Mother Earth” on KKUP 91.5 FM. In fact, to this day they are still hosting the show. They branched out in July 2002, when they began a second show called “Sacred Sights,” on 1080 AM KSCO in Santa Cruz, California. Listeners were invited to join them every week on a journey where science and miracles meet, where all essences of truth could be shared freely – AND you would not hear it in the news!

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