Interview with Rev. Kevin Ross (April 15th, 2010)

This Minister is all HEART!

Kevin’s background includes earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Morehouse College. He has continued his studies at the Johnnie Colemon Institute in Chicago, the Life Springs Basic, Advanced, Masters and Leadership Courses in New York, The Essence of Being in Miami an array of workshops and several certifications as a personal development and corporate trainer. Kevin made history when he was the first person to be ordained at the historic and prestigious Martin Luther King, Jr. Chapel at Morehouse College. In his 30’s, Kevin is the Founder and President of The Designer Life Institute Institute which trains individuals, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, community organizers and sales professionals how to accelerate the achievement of their personal, professional, financial, and spiritual goals. He leads a team of coaches who team up with entrepreneurs, professionals, and private citizens with an accountable relationship to design the lives and businesses of their dreams.


Often mistaken for comedian Chris Rock, Kevin uses his charisma and humor to enlighten and empower diverse audiences and clientele to live lives of excellence, purpose, and contribution. Through principle, prose, and even some poetry, Ross packs a punch and jolts audiences to operate at peak performance levels. He moves them beyond motivation to action! Standing ovation after standing ovation continues to prove that Kevin Ross is the preferred choice for meeting planners who are not only looking to make an impression at the convention, but an impact on their bottom line.

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