Interview with Rhonda Britten (01/29/2009)

“Be Fearless” is Rhonda Britten’s exiting signature departure on all of
her emails as we were preparing for her interview. That is a powerful statement
to implement in every moment we live. Just think about it for a minute. How
often do we go through the day worrying about different situations because fear
has stopped us from taking that next step?

We’ll be sure to ask Rhonda what kind of stomach dips she had before her
first show with Oprah Winfrey.

Rhonda has certainly packed her deck full with the proper ammunition to help
others succeed. Let’s find out what techniques she has for conquering those
fear nudges we all encounter.

Join with us to get your joints moving in the right direction for the New

You can call and talk with her live at 347-633-9155.

~ Tazz and Paula

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  1. Thanks Rhonda! I listened to the second half of the show.. ( Are you the same Rhonda who has the”Help me Ronda Books”? If so, we’ve had a email correspondence before)
    But — there is a fear that even you did not mention, and that is the fear of what our bodies will do when they are overweight. The fear-based AMA has working for decades to turn overweight into a problem, an illness, so that the Big Pharma can benefit from us spending a lot of money when we are not really sick. You might be able to find the book, “The Obesisty Myth” — don’t remember the author, but it was a new book only a few years ago, so maybe it will still be in print, I do know that fear of something often creates it, including diseases… like all the bad things that are supposed to happen to us when we’re too fat.

  2. Thank you Francesca for your blog.
    Yes this is the same Rhonda who wrote the “Help me Ronda Books”
    I will check out your book recommendation.

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