Interview with Rita Berkowitz (January 14th, 2010)

Psychic Medium, Rev. Rita Berkowitz’s gift to humanity is way beyond the norm!

I had a chance to talk with her back in November when I was scheduling an appointment for an interview; she picked up the phone and it was like talking to the girl next door; such ease in talking with her—but I knew she could see to the other side of the veil like no other. She can tell others how the person visibly looks from the other side when they are giving her the information to deliver to you on this side–it’s called spiritual artistry.

This is a program you will not want to miss!

Guess what? Yes, you can call-in @ (347) 633-9155 for a FREE READING; she will deliver to you a reading from the other side of the veil AND tell you also what the person physically looks like bringing the message for you. We are not on TV, but she will be very descriptive for our radio listeners.

Are You Ready? The experience is absolutely incredible!”

~ Tazz

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