Interview with Ruth Magan (October 21, 2010)

We plan on laughing and playing with the angels this coming Thursday along with Ruth Magan.

Ruth travels the world sharing spiritual knowledge through workshops and seminars—all presented with a lighthearted touch.

She is the author of: Laughing With AngelsMy Angel, My Friend (for children), and Visions of Earth Beyond 2012.

Ruth feels that a lighthearted approach to spirituality helps one to lighten up and paves a smoother path toward enlightenment.After she completed Laughing With Angels, which is a blend of spiritual wisdom and humor, her spirit guides encouraged her to write a gentle angel book for children. My Angel, My Friend that was published a year later.

With her spiritual mentor, Dawon Washington, she wrote the latest book, Visions of Earth Beyond 2012.This book takes us from where the Mayan Calendar leaves off and gives powerful insights as to what is coming in 2012 and beyond.

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