Interview with Sean David Morton (11/06/2008)

Sean David Morton’s stunningly accurate predictions of future events in
his books, lectures and monthly “Delphi Associates Newsletter” (the #1
publication of its kind in America), have brought him international
recognition as one of America’s premiere futurists, mystics, researchers
and spiritual teachers.

This Thursday we’ll be talking to him about the election. When I spoke
with Sean today, he said we probably would not have the final outcome of
the election by the time of our interview Thursday morning. He said that
most of the Election Day occurs during what is called in astrology as a
void of the moon; Sean will explain what that means when we talk with
him. Bottom line-this means unexpected events and by Thursday we should
know if this is true. Also, who ever wins takes their oath during the
void of the moon. Sean said this probably means whoever wins will not
finish their term.

~Tazz and Paula

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  1. president-elect obama scrolled across the tv-screen shortly after 8 pm on 11/4.

    guess sean david morton’s guess on the election outcome not being revealed until thursday was off — slightly.

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