Interview with Sean Morton (April 16, 2009)

“Spectacular!” “Amazing!” “Incredible!” “The most powerful meditation I have ever done!” “Totally changed my life!” “Sean is like some kind of Super-Hero!” These are just a few of the comments and rave reviews that we heard from the producers of “The New Living Expo”.. Sean’s QUANTUM HEALING is the projection of the infinite healing forces and energy within us. Sean will teach his Q.E.D (Quantum Enlightment Dynamics) technology with THE VIOLET FIRE, THE GOD FORCE MEDITATION, 12 CHAKRA ACTIVATION, the TAOIST STANCE OF IMMORTALITY, and the sacred Tibetan meditation of the GOLDEN EMBRYO. Sean will activate the long dormant 11th and 12th chakras in your back to give you ANGEL WINGS and the gift of spiritual flight. Everyone that has experienced this activation has come away changed and uses this force and power in their daily lives. All around you angels express more depth and power in our daily lives. Experience it for yourselves and become the grand, stupendous, mighty Arch Angels of transformation in our world! HALLELUJAH! ALL THIS will take place during Sean’s workshop at the “New Living Expo”


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