Interview with Sela Randazzo (July 23, 2009)

Sela is for real! We’ve watched her over the years walking her talk with Rock Medicine and it never fails … and it is natural!

We are truly blessed to have Sela Randazzo with us. Vibrational Healing Shifts with Rock Medicine is here to stay!

Rock-Medicine was developed by Sela Randazzo beginning in 1981. Over the years it has spread internationally with significant followings in Australia and the Netherlands.

Sela was honored when called upon by Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir and Native American Shaman Rolling Thunder to administer Rock Medicine.

Rock-medicine has definitely come a long way and is being considered now by main stream medical practitioners. Advances in quantum physics now support the theories upon which this system is based. Medical alternative research clinics and grant programs are actively participating in the testing and review process. This is an exciting time to embrace the amazing Rock-Medicine system for yourself, your loved ones and your community.

Our incredible vast mineral and gem kingdom is now being acknowledged for its curative effects. Rock-Medicine is non-toxic in that it uses merely the electric vibration of the natural chemicals found in crystals and gems. You can use the system to bring spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. There is no maintenance program, but simply a healing. Now tried and true for over 25 years!

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