Interview with Sharla Jacobs (September 16, 2010)

You may have discovered by now that just being a good coach or holistic practitioner isn’t enough to get you clients.

  • The #1 Secret to Getting Your Phone to Ring
  • How to Avoid Giving Free Consultations to the “Wrong People” (those who will
  • never sign up with you)
  • The Key to Turning Your Free Consultations into Paying Clients
  • What to Say When Someone Says “I Can’t Afford it” so they see that they can’t
  • afford NOT to work with you
  • How to Get a Endless Stream of Referrals
  • The Proven 5-Step System to Get you at least 5 Clients by the end of this month (and any month of the year)
  • And so much more…


2010 is the year to fill your practice, isn’t it?So, are you ready to build your practice quickly and attract all of the clients you want?If your answer is “Yes,” join us on September 16th at 11:00 a.m.
for this

You’ll walk away from this interview with the simple formula to make building your business easy.  If you’re looking to learn the simplest way to attract all of the clients you desire, this call is for you! Don’t miss out–just go here to listen and we’ll “see” you then! or call one of the following #’s to listen:

(347) 633-9155.

You’ll walk away from this interview with the

simple 5 Step Formula that makes getting
new clients easy
and build your business quickly as well as some real tips you can use to
get clients right away.

The key to bringing in as many new clients as you desire isn’t about becoming a better coach.  Instead, you must learn the simple and proven formulas for bringing tons of new clients to your practice in a short period of time.

If you’re not attracting and converting at least 5 new clients into your practice every month, we want that to change for you so you can help more people and make more money by sharing your gifts.

So We’ve invited my good friend Sharla Jacobs to share some of her best secrets during this interview:

“Simple Secrets to Get 5 New Clients Or More This Month”
In this interview you’ll learn:

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