Interview with Sheldan Nidle (01/15/2009)

Full Consciousness … I can hardly wait! Have you ever given it any thought as to what it would be like to be fully conscious? You are probably saying to yourself, well I thought that I was fully conscious. After I have listened to Sheldan Nidle give many talks over the years, I realize that we have not reached that status as of yet; however, he says that it will eventually come about. So to hear him tell it, we are becoming closer and closer to that special time when everyone will experience full consciousness.

A few years back I chose to be in a group one evening in order to enhance my healing ability just for myself. An acupuncturist had a special gift given to him from the heavens so that he could help people open up to healing more easily. So we proceeded to a quiet room where each individual was taken one by one and we were given this ability to open to a high consciousness. One thing that I did not anticipate that would happen from the event was that I could hear a crowd of people talking that I could not shut out from the other dimensions, nothing was audible for specifics and after a couple of days the crowd stopped talking and I could live my life normally. This brought about the realization to me that there were many dimensions that we did not have contact with on a daily basis. Have you had like experiences or others?

How does this fit in with what I am about to tell you? As you can imagine, there are so many areas that we have not been aware of.

Sheldan from the age of 4 years old was reading encyclopedias, and was taught the truth about earth history, expanded science information and about our whole solar system from our other worldly family. You can tell when he speaks that he has been there and done that. From the get go this man has stepped into so many worlds that we cannot fathom what it would be like. Thank goodness we can ask him questions. You see all of this is like second nature to him. He has never had to unlearn anything … it’s been the expanded truth from the very beginning, because he was exposed to it since he began to talk. We all are just beginning our journey … none of this truth has been available to us; however, it looks like we could be accessing information much differently than we are presently in the near future. When Sheldan speaks you know that he has visited the crystalline structures way beneath our earth and has experienced the nature of our neighbors in the sky and it’s easy to just want to learn and know more.

You’re in for an incredible show … get your questions prepared … call in on 347-633-9155 and listen live with us.

~ Tazz and Paula

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  1. Is there any chance none of this will happen? Full consciousness; ascension, first contact and NESARA? I’m completely ready for all of this and my spiritual journey has been an exciting eye opener but the human side of me always has this lingering in the back of my mind – what if it’s all make believe and I’m crazy.

    What say ye???

  2. Are you still saying that there will be no first contact until Bush is out
    of office AND what are the chances that Obama will follow in his footsteps ?

  3. We’ve been hearing about first contact and nesara for many many years now. Since there is no evidence that either exists, why and how should any one believe that either will come to fruition ?

  4. Selamat Jarin! to Wanda and Ron,
    Each individual is here to learn to discern truth by flexing their spiritual muscles. One of these muscles is your heart. Your heart knows intuitively the greater truths. Your mind/brain/ego offers doubt. What is your truth? You want Nesara to be true – you feel in your heart that it is the answer and can happen – but then doubt comes in because it does not happen in a time frame that you want. Doubt equals fear. Often people put more energy into their doubt than they do in creating the society they want to live in. We, as spiritual warriors are being asked to hone our spiritual mastery. We are being asked to use what we know about the Universal Laws and apply them. The new children and past prophets remind us that in order to create we need to “act as if” what we intend/desire has already happened – and to do so with joy! What brings you joy? What brings up fear? Which one do you want to embrace? Faith is believing in something we know to be true but have no physical proof of. Yet as I say this, I’m reminded that we have so much proof that Nesara and First Contact is manifesting right before our eyes. We are here to dismantle a dark power structure that has been in control for 13 millenia. We are actually doing it in record speed. All the dysfunctional institutions of duality are crumbling. For one example, just look at our economic system – it is collapsing. People are waking up and demanding accountability. Nesara is an answer for these failing systems. Another example is UFO secrecy is failing – there are too many sightings and credible people are coming forth with the truth.
    So, what is consciousness? It is an awareness of the oneness of all things. We obtain higher consciousness one choice at a time. Our choices, our Joy, our visions, our actions contribute to the collective consciousness. Perhaps the change we desire is taking longer than we want, but it is happening. Sheldan and I continue to remain steadfast in our beliefs. We remain focused on what we know in our hearts to be our truth. We are committed to transforming this world and will continue to follow what we are being guided through our heart-knowing. That’s all we can do. We invite you to do the same whatever that looks like for you. I hope this helps in some small way.
    Selamat Ja!
    (Sirian for “Be in Joy!”)
    Planetary Activation Organization

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