Interview with Sheldan Nidle (August 19, 2010)

What does Full-Consciousness mean?

We’ll ask Sheldan this and some of the following.

How will we transition from chaos to peace with the present administrations—while thinking about 2012? Peace and harmony with each other in 2013? What are our Earth Allies’ Plans? What Secret Technology is available to support us before and after? What can we do to help everyone around us?

Recently I viewed a video that Drunvalo Melchizedek did… unfortunately it is not available at the moment or I would give you the link. It was called: “2012 The Prophecies from the Heart.” He says, our lives will be changing, and these changes have appeared many times before in the past. Everyone will go through this process, there is no one that will be left behind; everyone is equal … the good, the bad, the beautiful, the not-so-beautiful … we’ll all just be viewing each other in a different consciousness no matter what one did. How ‘bout that?

Both men seem to be relaxed and secure with what is about to happen. They each may or may not have a different take on the process, but they both agree that it’s important to stay in our “HEART” as we experience this new consciousness, stay grounded and know this is our new future to be in harmony with all that surrounds us.

Sheldan since childhood has received ongoing information about Earth’s hidden history and on planetary science, culture and spirituality in face-to-face contacts with galactic entities; he now shares this incredible paradigm-leap that we are about to take. Our outer earth neighbors that are in the sky around us are friendly folks! Could this be so? If so, what is about to take place?

Sign-up for Sheldan’s webinar this coming Thursday … you will not want to miss it! I heard it on Sunday and we were blown away in what he presented. Go here to register:

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