Interview with Sheldan Nidle (March 25th, 2010)

Examining the Evidence … Erasing the Doubt

This was my 3rd Webinar I’ve attended recently by Sheldan Nidle. His knowledge about earth history is sooooo enormous and downright electrifying.

How many of you have been feeling aches and pain throughout your body as if you’ve been beaten up and you wonder what is happening? Plus, headaches like you’ve never had before … these are just some of the different body shifts that are taking place to alter your RNA and DNA. AND, have you also been noticing how your thinking patterns have been changing recently? Good News! Yes, we are shifting in consciousness and our bodies are becoming more crystalline in nature. Oh, yes … I almost forgot some other body signals are  cramps in feet and legs, neck and shoulders pain and kinks, heart palpitations, blurry vision … anywhere that you’ve had a weakness in your body prior … WE ARE CHANGING!

Also, remember in the news reading that the earth was knocked off center. Well our SUN influenced this shift; you want to know more on what is taking place … join with us on this Thursday and we’ll talk talk talk! AND you’ll also be able to join Sheldan’s Webinar that evening after our interview with him in the morning. Just sign-up here:

We’ll be talking about the tectonic plates locking, volcanic eruptions, the bottom of the ocean rising where what use to be Lemuria and much much more.

Sheldan’s international webinars are definitely bringing praises … and I am echoing the praises that are being said. His knowledge about earth history and our changing times help us to view life with wisdom and calmness—thereby helping us to support others more easily when needed.

You’re in for an incredible show … get your questions prepared … call in on 347-633-9155 and listen live with us and ask questions too.

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