Interview with Sheldan Nidle (September 22, 2011)

Many domino effects are taking place; physical bodily changes we all are experiencing at the moment, earthly shifts as well and there is a great awakening taking place in everyone of us regarding what we perceive to be true. Yes, people are coming together to share in many ways—their hearts are really blossoming—just like the trees giving birth—our dreams are beginning to sprout wings. Can you feel the momentum increasing, life is interweaving and there is an aliveness that touches us each in a special way.

On a grand scale the Agarthans (humanities inner-earth mentors) are supporting our inner and outer earthly transition by allowing us to see more clearly—the veils are dropping helping us to reach out and make the necessary alterations for a healthy new government and a society that embraces with care and giving with true joy.

Find out what’s next—experience great earth history you never knew about every time with Sheldan, and his next Webinar is on… Shaping Earth’s Divine Blueprint on 9/25/2011.


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