Interview with Sheldan Nidle (December 29, 2011)

The celebration that will ring out in Heaven and Earth will be most exquisite! Finally, you will all experience full consciousness and become one with all of physicality and Heaven’s vast expanse. Millennia ago, what is now about to happen was carefully planned and then executed by the dedicated unfolders of the Creator’s divine plan. And as we have stated many times, it will free you from the unending turmoil of the dark and reconnect you with the Light. This mission has proved to us all to be a true mission of Love and we have never swayed from this special task. Now is the time of completion and it will be one of celebration for us all! More importantly, it is a supreme and sacred moment to be remembered with joy by us all. Sheldan is here with us today to explain how this will unfold.


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  1. How do I get to the Sheldan Nidle shop?

  2. Where is the show??? It’s Jan 29 at 11:30 now and no show?!

  3. Shelda’s website is
    You can sign up for his free weekly update on the website.

  4. I see only questions by people here that are having the same problem as me, but there are no responses to these questions posted. How can I hear Sheldan Nidle’s Interview?

  5. Hi everybody.

    After reading the remarks here about not being able to find the show, i started a bit of investigation, myself .
    I found the show on this site.
    Here is the URL.
    Go to with your mouse cursor to the position of the number 1 of line number 1 and activate by pushing the symbol that says ‘activation stopped”
    Its maybe handy to put the page at your favourites for future use
    Enjoy the show !



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