Stephen Linsteadt – Heart’s Knowing (July 19, 2012)

Stephen Linsteadt is the author of  “Scalar Heart Connection”  Stephen tells us  that Heart Connection™ utilizes the heart’s innate knowing to help access subconscious beliefs and attitudes that hold us in limitation, preventing us from experiencing joy and inner connection.

Scalar Heart Connection™ is easy to use and fun to experience. It helps people identify disharmonies within the chakras and meridian energy channels. A lack of coherence within these energy systems weakens the resonance pattern of what we are trying to manifest in our lives. Once we move out of resonance with stress, depression, and self-sabotaging vibrations, we can strengthen the energy patterns and thought-forms that are life-enhancing.

The heart will always tell us what we need to know. We only need to know how to ask and how to listen.

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