Interview with Stephen Mehler (09/04/2008)

Check out our incredible interview with Stephen Mehler!

Our intent was to mainly talk to Stephen about his latest book “The Land of Osiris: An Introduction to Khemitology.”

Since 1968 Stephen has intently researched material about ancient Egypt. Stephen’s research has brought him to believe the pyramids served as energy devices and not as tombs for the kings. When I read Stephen was working with Abd”El Hakim Awyan an Egyptian-born Egyptologist and Indigenous Wisdom Keeper, I became very excited as Hakim was the guide our group used when I went to Egypt with Nicky Scully.

During the interview I shared with Stephen that I thought Hakim is such a beautiful soul. Then Stephen told us the bad news that Hakim had passed a few days prior to our interview—I was speechless. After we regrouped Stephen told us his first trip to Egypt was with Nicky Scully, and that Hakim and he had started writing a book together.

Our conversation led us to Stephen’s research on crystal skulls. At one time Stephen was a Staff Research Scientist for the Rosicrucian Order, working in San Jose, California. Up until recently I lived only a few miles from the Rosicrucian Museum.) Stephen is featured in the book “Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed” due to his research on crystal skulls. And, of course this led us to talk about Max, the Texas Crystal Skull. Walaa … the conversation grew deeper, and we found out that Stephen is good friends with JoAnn Parks, the keeper of Max. In fact, it is because of Max and JoAnn Stephen met his wife.

After the interview I received an email from Stephen. He wrote, “I was blown out that you had been to Egypt with
Nicky and had met Hakim.”

~ Paula

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  1. Greeting Paula, I am trying to contact Stephen Mehler about a meeting on the equinox in Mexico this Spring with a couple of crystal skulls. I have had the email address from his web site bounce the mail back to me, so I’m inquiring about any help you might have for me! Thanks so very much.

  2. Hi Paula!
    Great interview. I adore Stephen Mehler.
    Thanks for the link.
    Janet Gify

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