Interview with Teresa Tapp (02/19/2009)

It’s catching! Teresa Tapp has tapped her way into exuberant energy and IT IS CATCHING! This lady is so high-spirited and embraces life with a passion. Teresa was talking about pilates exercises before it became popular.

A few years back we had one awesome total day with Teresa on the floor with our special weighted shoes (1 lb extra on each shoe) that is unforgettable! The class was packed full of learning excitement at the Santa Clara Convention Center .

Fit in 15 minutes! … If you definitely want a fun workout this is the way to go.

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~ Tazz and Paula

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  1. Boy, Did I learn alot from Teresa in today’s interview. I thought we were only going t touch on losing inches and weight. But I learned far more than that!
    The exercises Teresa shared with us today, I am passing on to my husband who has heart trouble and lower back issues. These exercises are very simple and can help the heart and strengthen the lower back. The exercises can help all health issues! I am going to order her book, not only for myself but also for my husband.

  2. I am sure glad I had a studio head set on with a long long cord today, as it allowed me the capability to do the exercises with Teresa as she was describing them. We even had a couple people in the studio doing them with us–what a kick! Teresa is really an inspiration. It truly is amazing how simple and easy the exercises are and yet the results are so phenomenal.

    Just need to let you know here, that I was worn out by the end of the day in Teresa’s class when Paula and I attended–it was quite a workout; however, it was really satisfying to know we had some skills that we could carry forward with us.

    Hey, was anyone else surprised along with me, that the big toe is connected to the belly? If you missed the show, please be sure to listen to the archive … Teresa is Great and your Angel in disguise.

    Oh yes, in January I made a connection with Karen Seraphine a t-tapp trainer in Gilroy, CA where she has on-going classes every week. She has a great big heart and is really dedicated to helping those to get their bodies working effectively.

  3. Greetings Tazz and Paula,

    Another great show! Just wanted to let you know that I was listening to the show yesterday and
    was actually feeling the responses in my body as Teresa was giving the suggestions. The interesting
    thing was, I was driving my car. I am grateful for all that you both bring to Humanity and those of us who
    are your listeners.

    Many blessings to you both
    and the show~

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