Interview with Texe Marrs (May 27, 2010)

Texe and Wanda Marrs have been in the prophetic ministry for over 19 years. Texe Marrs is a retired U.S. Air Force Officer and has taught on the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin and two other universities. Wanda Marrs held important management positions in the business world. Before entering the ministry, Texe and Wanda founded Tech Trends, a high tech consulting firm in Austin, Texas. They are authors of numerous books on high tech, secret societies, Bible prophecy, and futurism; three of Texe’s books have been #1 national bestsellers

His latest book is the highly acclaimed Conspiracy World, explains world events and the drive by conspiratorial forces for a New World Order.  What exactly is the New World Order? We will be asking Texe this question.

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