Thania & Greg Stewart, Spiritual Healers (March 29, 2012)

Brazilian Spiritual Healers Thania and Greg Stewart met in Brazil while Thania was serving as a volunteer working alongside John of God for approximately one year helping him with his healing work at the Casa of Don Ignacio in 2005.

Thania and Greg have also lectured on spirituality, together and separately at Spiritualist Centers in Brazil and the U.S.; however, their primary mission is healing.

During the healing service, one or both of them may channel a spirit, speaking either in Portuguese or English. Their healing work involves occasional messages and passes of energy directed by their hands around the body.  From time to time they may place their hands directly on an individual; as ordained ministers they both are granted permission to touch another.

Thania is an unconscious trance medium and usually does not remember her work while in spirit. She has had her clairvoyant gifts since childhood and is a “natural born” medium.  She studied alternative healing and psychotherapy in Brazil and began working as a “Pranic Healer” in 2001.

Greg is a conscious trance medium and will often remember many details of his work. Greg had his first mediumistic experience shortly before going to visit the Casa in Brazil for the first time in 2003.

“It is in giving that we receive. This is a divine law. The most important healing that we can receive is the healing of our soul.”










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