Interview with Tom Kenyon (10/30/2008)

An unforgettable evening with Tom Kenyon …

The Divine Science Community Church in San Jose, California is like Carnegie Hall, and when someone like Tom Kenyon brings such a powerful healing voice to this acoustics, it simply graces and leaves behind the tones which bathe not only the church, but an individual for life upon hearing his performance.

In 1995, we sat in the church pews memorized and altered with his nearly four octave voice range healing capabilities as he walked up and down the isles caressing us with awareness none of us had experience with healing sound. Tom’s voice brought to us the heavenliness from heaven, a love sound that penetrated every cell of our bodies, not ever to be forgotten.

A teacher, scientist, sound healer, song writer, singer, shaman, author and psychotherapist, Tom Kenyon, M.A. holds a Masters Degree in Psychological Counseling and has over twenty-five years experience in private practice. Recognizing the power of sound as a healing modality, Tom founded Acoustic Brain Research in 1983 to scientifically document the effects of sound and music on consciousness, the body/mind connection, and the means to heighten awareness.

Be sure to read his latest article and what is being said by the Hathors: The Dissolution of the Old World and the Birthing of the New.

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