Interview with Tom Lescher (02/05/2009)

How awake are YOU? There has been much talk over the years about the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”.  Well, I can assure you that as of this year, and this month in particular, that dawn is occurring. The conjunction (union) of the North Node of the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter in Aquarius (9 degrees) on February 16th joined by the Moon and Mercury soon thereafter brings this archetype to the foreground and heralds the true beginning of this age.

Later this year Jupiter will join Chiron and Neptune from May through December completing the initiation ceremonies on a celestial level. So let us look at the significance of this new age, this new energy, approach to life, or way of looking at things.The archetype of Aquarius, the
Water-Bearer has everything to do with human intelligence, awareness, mastery, and “enlightenment” leading to an improved future.  While all the air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) work through the medium of communication, thinking, and networking, Aquarius stands as the Promethean figure, the bringer of the light, or illumination through the opening of the third eye or 6th chakra. This non-personal, objective, universal observer holds the solutions and answers to the long sought problems of humankind. As we shift away from the watery Age of Pisces, to this brightly illuminated Age of Aquarius there are many changes in consciousness and daily life that will take place. While many are speaking of “spiritual awakening” at this time, we will increasingly notice a difference in the meaning of the word “spiritual” in this context. Our past notions of spiritual as a warm, fuzzy, close, emotional connection to our creator, God, or Spirit have been generated through the watery realms of Pisces which rules over dreams, universal love, and martyrdom. The infinite spirit was a distant Godhead to be sought through humble service, perseverance, forgiveness, and compassion.  Heaven was a place to long for after death and religion was the means to know


Enter the Age of Aquarius:  Wake up!  Take responsibility for co-creating this “heaven” right here and now on earth!  There’s no gushy spirit out there that’s going to take care of you, save you, or redeem you. We are it. Science, technology, globalization and other results of human endeavor are what’s going to make the difference (or NOT!). Our laws, our governments, and our banks are responsible for the wealth, the well being, and the future of our race and our planet. We make the giant shift from Religion (Pisces) to Science (Aquarius). As such, it can feel as if  there is no more hope, but that we need to figure it out ourselves. We, as a race, need to come together and engineer our own future or witness the inevitable deterioration and demise of our societies, accomplishments, and planet.

One major challenge of this age will be the even distribution of wealth, assets, and resources. As Aquarius seeks to improve and upgrade, we see the classes and groups of people that have gathered at the forefront, at the top of their fields and grabbed more than their share in order to promote, sustain, or further improve their own lot (the elite). In the long run, Aquarius will teach us that the best, most efficient means to happiness includes “across the board membership” in our endeavors, for as long as inequality exists, so too will revolution, violence, and destruction.

As Jupiter conjuncts the North Node there will be new proposals put forth, grand new ideas and political platforms. Personally, this is the time for the great “Aha!” moments in our life when “the way” becomes clear, is seen, and the veils lifted. It can also be a time when we are liberated from
oppressive relationships, jobs, or conditions. As Jupiter symbolizes expansion and freedom, these may take precedence over personal security and you may find some forms of security vanishing from sight in order to be replaced with an upgrade further down the road.

I encourage you during this time of transition (for the next few years), to embrace change as much as possible, to simplify your living situation, your financial needs, and your worldly ambitions. As the external world reflects our internal reality, seek to create, to brainstorm, to really discipline your will toward positive self-renewal, physical rejuvenation, and emotional release. Because, as we internally renew ourselves, our external world will renew itself and we will experience this shift of consciousness, global business, science and technology, society, religion, government and more with greater ease and less tribulation.

I encourage you to watch the movie online titled the Zeitgeist Addendum, particularly parts 3 and 4 for one such Aquarian view of the future as wholly created by us (the Venus Project).

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  1. Tazz and I really enjoyed today’s interview with Tom. It sounds like we are in for some big changes. One of the biggest messages I got in today’s interview, is to take time to be in touch with our inner feelings. Embrace the sad feelings as well as the good feelings. And to remember, we do create our own reality. We will create the people, places and things to come into our life to play out our what we are projecting.
    The last 5 minutes of the interview Tom shared a little about his trip to Africa and his experience with the white lions. Wish we had more time to talk to Tom about his experience. Oh, well we might just have him back for another interview!

  2. Hi Tazz and Paula. I tried sending you an email through your website but that did not work. I listened to Tom Descher today. Good show. You were discussing Obama in relation to Abraham Lincoln. You might be interested in our Feb. Newsletter posted on my website. This has been channled by Thoth and the Ascended Masters, discussing a lot of former political leaders returning globally.
    Here is my website

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