Interview with Tom Moore (11/28/2008)

Tom T. Moore you are tops! Can you imagine a man who crosses all faiths and beliefs … saying that the only requirement to get in touch with your guardian angel is just to be believe. No matter where he goes he shares this beautiful message. He has been using these exact concepts for over 10 years. After 10 years you’d think he’d have some great experiences in his pockets–he does–he does! So when you sign up for his FREE newsletter you’ll get all of the juicy testimonials, MBOs (Most Benevelant Outcomes) information too.

In the meantime, Tom’s direct knowledge and experience will propel you to a whole new success with examples so that you can take off to have some of your own; with comments to be sure coming from your lips–hey this really works! We have had many experiences with MBOs ourselves and yes it does work!!!

This Friday we are interviewing with him to start our holidays off right … with love and magic in our hearts; it’s like we are flying on the wings of our guardian angels. You can listen in live by calling 347-633-9155 at 11:00 a.m. PST.

~ Tazz and Paula

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