Interview with Wendy CraigPurcell (October 15, 2009)

Wendy Craig-Purcell’s new book “Ask Yourself This” gives the reader potent tools for discovering their own inner greatness, along with the inspiration and motivation to propel the reader into a life of authentic being. Wendy’s mindful, approachable work is filled with valuable exercises and examples for her students, making this a book that will guide its readers on their journey from limiting thought forms to self-empowerment and self-love. The result is a return to a consciousness of wholeness and joy.
Some of the example of questions from the book “Ask Yourself This” are:
1.) What if this could be easy and fun?
2.) How safe is it for people to walk through the corridors of my mind?
3.) If I could solve the how, what would I do?
4.) Am I willing to let go of the size of the life I’ve have known to be a bigger life?

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