Interview with William Gladstone (September 24,2009)

DECEMBER 21, 2012 – TOTAL DESTRUCTION OR A NEW BEGINNING? William Gladstone ’s Compelling New Novel, The Twelve, Takes Readers On A Fantastic Journey To December 21, 2012 His leading man, Max Doff is a most unusual person. Not speaking until age six, his world is filled with numbers and colors. At fifteen, he has a near death experience during which he sees twelve names – yet he can’t remember them when he awakes. Eight years later, while on location in Peru for a film production company, Max meets Maria Magdelena Ramirez. It then comes to him in a flash – Maria’s name was one of the twelve he saw in his near death vision. Maria Magdelena Ramirez. Brahma Nepal Mahars. Rinpoche Gyuatma Chiba . Juan Gonzalo Acosta. Melody Jones. Running Bear. All names Max envisioned All people he is destined to meet. But what do they have in common? What are they expected to accomplish together? We the author tell us or do we have to read the book?

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