J. Angus Munro – Sculpting Time! (February 27, 2014)

When I came upon Angus’s work I was spell bound; it stopped me in my tracks, because I could feel his spiral energetics pulsing through my entire body when I saw him placing his artwork on the ocean beds and fields … and then I knew, Mother Earth loves his work as it supports her to easily release and embed more LOVE within each of our body energetics; it’s called At-One-Ment or A-Tone-Ment.

It was as if our entire planet was breathing through the same pranic tube and we were able to alter the abuse that has been done on Mother Earth … and as our breathing continued everything began to arrange itself into ‘New-Life’ … a life filled with LOVE everywhere! And, the more we begin to feel and experience this loving Heart-Pulse with the same rhythm everywhere, the more we realize we can create Universal peace in every waking step of our consciousness.

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  1. Tuned in to hear Angus Munro. I guess I don’t understand how to hear the broadcast. I really wanted to hear it. Perhaps you could email me and tell me how to access the broadcasts.
    Thank you, from Doran, a fellow Californian who’s heard of your site.

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